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Saturn in Sagittarius (c) Myke Kofi 2015 Astrostyle’s poet laureate.

(a cosmic dance where your heart says YES! but your head? No!)

Originally inspired by

Imagine your wildest dance ever? Wilder than your youth.

Then shake it like Shakira! Shakira! liberating your serum truth. [#RIP Gabrielle Roth, 1941-2012]

Hiding behind the Sage sunrise lurks a serious moonlight

RSVP’d from Saturn, the karmic Lord’s cosmic dance invitation.

Strappy-on your shoes; hold onto your hats for existential transformation!

Sage peeps: fashion-forward, global trend-setters! Definitely nobody’s fool

Would your heart melt for a cosmic dancer too stern for dance school?

Waltzing together like an odd couple (think Laurel & Hardy; Lemmon & Walter Matthieu)

Strange cosmic bed-fellows: bed-socks & night-caps angled to the elliptical;

pillows jive-talking, staring at the Plough, contemplating the mystical.

Stern dance partner grabs your hands despite their two left feet;

Your instinct is to cha-cha-cha away beating a hasty retreat!

Like a wallflower doing the Harlem shuffle in Saturn’s dark corner

Yearning to slow-dance: exploring new sensual borders,

New horizons. As your heart says YES! but your head? No!

And Oh! What a feeling to be dancing in the dark, moonlit cosmic ceiling.

Rhythmically arching your backbone in the Time Lord’s arena;

Eye-to-eye, cheek-to-cheek; toe-to-toe until the midnight hour

Back-to-back melting stern Saturn’s impassive demeanor.


Then with a quickstep and sidekick. Kizombo? Fandago!

Like Vicente Simone & Flavia Carace’s tantalizing #thelasttango

Where the tempestuous meets the methodical

[Re: Schneider & Brando’s Last Tango in Paris]

Or was it some karaoke bar in Bangkok? Where you can twist again and rock-around-the clock!

And do the hokey and turn around…

Infamous King Herod’s mouth said YES! but his heart? No!

As seductive Salome danced erotically shedding seven veils!

Alas, got John Baptist beheaded! Grim Saturnine, grimy details.

Prime suspect? Herodias!

Agent provocateur: patent black killer heels; half-mooned, blood-red nails

Scantily dressed like a private dancer: Madonna-corsetry; whirling dervish, Sufi dance poetry.

Her Bette Davis eyes hypnotized and Munroe-hips mesmerized as

Her slightly parted-lips breathing lust. Tuberose aroma infused with musk

Prepped for stolen glances, pulsating romances; scene-stealing, bodice-ripping…oh my!

But how did “Stellar” get her groove baaaaaaaack? Flashing a bit of Columbo’s crumpled mac

Squarely at your sage sun with a smile; bopping to Psy’s viral Gagnam-style!

Truth or dare Sage? The path of Love is no easy game. As Saturn’s bitter-sweet kiss

slowly awakens Sleeping Beauty’s Eternal flame. Until Saturn retrogrades

Treading on all your toes like a badass mani-pedi gone awry! Or bad hair-day blown dry!

Retracing your cosmic dance steps: backwards, forwards, backwards…

Of your line-dance and Lindy-hop. Electric bugaloo to the bebop.

Beyond your comfort zone dance test; so you dance your best (Whiplash, anyone?)

Celebrating your Victory dance with the Shakti & the Shiva (Hindu Lords of Dance)

Liberating your serum truth wildly like Shakira! Shakira!

(c) Myke Kofi Astrostyle’s poet laureate 2015 for

@Myko Yeboh

Saturn retrograde Scorpio *Inspired by the Astro Twins*

“Knock, knock. Boom! I am a seven ton elephant in your room.

Knock,knock. Ka-boom! I’m the shady-gray dark side of the moon.

I am the lead weight on both your shoulders!!

Feeling my responsibilities? Perched like rocky boulders.

I am the dust one day we’ll shall return; I am the fiercest furnace testing your max-temperature burn.

Arise like the phoenix, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Shattering illusions so no one you’ll easily trust.

Brandishing you with intensity and the fiercest heat; ironing out knotty-kinks from your head to your feet.

Seven yearly audits of your life I shall scrutinize; dredging-up secretive secrets, vimeo-sexed-up lies.

So this is it! It is now or never! Sink or swim! Publish or perish!

My transit is NOT a time you’ll relish.

Just f***ing do it, my way or the highway! Do or die! No time to hue and cry

becuase you’ll be weeping, wailing, screaming, shrieking, mourning;

Say hello, wave goodbye before the break of dawning.

Forget the tantric orgies and spiced-up “Saturnalia”;

Dressed-up to undress your finery (ahem) S & M regalia.

Oh-kaaay! I’ll be there wearing the most somber toga;

and hell no! I def won’t be joining you for laughter yoga [seriously, no]!

Get used instead to my harsh reality; might as well plan ahead with the Astro Twins astrology.

You see I’m not like Jupiter’s excessive jollility; as I stated before, I don’t do frivolity!

I’m not like Neptune’s nebulous boundaries; I feel more at home in a rock-solid foundry.

Plunging into your watery deepest deep; Play no games with me – not even hide and seek.

Ugh! Things I hate: Child abuse! Trafficking peeps! Slavery! Prostitution!

I’ll be seeking redress and full-effect restorative retribution!

Ready or not? Won’t you answer my call of duty?

I’ll shadow your every move when you call THAT booty!

Sober-up! Hunker-down! No time to waste uptown or downtown.

Won’t you obey my obligations? Succumb no more to seductive worldly temptations!

Sometimes, when you’re just about to win;

Know this: I’ve got YOU right under my skin!

When I’m finally done, you’ll never be the same;

be in no doubt, there’ll be no-one else to blame.

Truth be known: I’m really your best friend;

you’ll be my disciple by the bitter end [seriously, yes]!

Truth be known: I’m restructuring your back-bone;

But tell me this: you’re not facebook friends with Al Capone?

So hold my hands tight; ready for some drama?

Deal or no deal? Then face-up to your karma”.

(c) Myke Kofi 2015 *Astrostyle poet laureate 2015*

@Myko Yeboh

Saturn-retrograde-Scorpio 2015.