*To celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Earth Pig/wild boar,

which starts February 5th, 2019 until January 20th, 2020.

*This ode is also inspired by the Astrotwins, Tali & Ophira Edut.

I highly recommend checking out their prolific and insightful work at Astrostyle.com and across social media platforms e.g. @astrotwins.

*I am also dedicating the Earth Pig ode to our embattled humanity at this time of unprecedented upheaval: socioeconomic; gender identity & political; ecological/enviromental and technological etc.

Ode to the Earth Pig/wild boar:-

Channelling Peppa Pig and Miss Piggy;

oinking and squealing: Ahoy there Babe!

Jupiter in Sag scanning new horizons,

triangulating the fixed stars with your astrolabe.

Marie Kondo-ing teenage pigsties?

Transform the space into something palatial;

with out-of-the box decluttering, feng shui-ing the spatial.

Perhaps, this Chinese New Year: a remarkable lookback to 1959;

authentically sourced from the Bay of Pigs:

vintage pork scratchings and organic pigswill wine.

Oink drunk, anyone? Squeal!

Many breeds of pigs: the Berkshires & Tamworth’s; Gloucester Old spots & British Saddlebrooks; Large whites and Duroc!

Pig’s blood, pig’s bladders: pig farming stories galore

Piggery and fierce battles about territorial wild boars.

Wild boars have animal rights – so why we treat ’em so abominal?

Let’s gather and talk: a year to be real in the real world communal.

Earth signs: a stellar year for hogging the limelight

Giddily, higgedy-piggedy like new Love at first sight!

Air signs: lucid dreaming, endlessly sighing

For that Groundhog day when guinea-pigs might be flying!


For all of us: an industrious year rebuilding the Piggy-bank;

Getting sweaty like Betty, refueling troughs, sluicing pig tanks.

New-born piglets, moon pigs and savoury pigs-in-blankets;

Adopting-a-piglet anyone? And calling the sow, Hilary Swanket!

How do you like your pig meats:

strictly halal or religiously kosher?

Vegan sausage rolls disrupting long held notons.

Rethinking what it means now: bringing home the bacon

Does the Love you give match the Love you’ve been taking?

What’s mine is yours, and hopefully, what’s your is mine:

But damn you diamond pigs! Casting my pearls before swines!

Let’s embrace pregnant pauses: no reasons, just because…

Street people on the catwalks:

Abigails-in-pigtails and the three little piglets;

Spring fever’s breaking news:

very special deliveries of IVF triplets

named: and sow! and sow!! and sow!!!

A year perhaps for radical cures for skin depigmentation,

Uranus in Taurus sanctions earthy wild boar-ish celebrations.

Maybe we might seek prophylaxis before swine-flu’s re-emergence,

Jupiter in Sag sanctions luxury and enlarges pig-sized decadence.

Marie Antoinette’s pig-headed piglets snorted: Let them eat cake!

A biblical tale: two thousand pigs herded headlong into a lake.

Tina Turner in Mad Max mumbled something ’bout pig****

Let’s resolve the US Federal shutdown and no-deal Brexit!

A year to indulge a little more fun, fun, fun!

Admire why don’t you Porky Pig’s “nice buns”?

Adios! ditching too much plastic and monotype Barbie dolls;

Controlling-alt-deleting fascist, pig-headed trolls!

Alas, if you’re caught playing piggy-in-the middle:

Celebrity love triangles, Neptune’s fantasy threesomes,

Let’s make this Earth Pig year kinder and awesome!

(c) Myke Kofi, February 2019.

Reference sources & suggested further reading:-

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  3. Poetic licence to make up the fictional name Hilary Swanket.
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  6. “Two thousand pigs” in the New Testament Gospel of Mark; where “an unclean spirit called Legion” was commanded to enter into a herd of 2,000 pigs; rushing headlong into a nearby lake.

Retrograde Mercury in Sagittarius…

[November 16th thru’ December 6th, 2018]

*Inspired by Tali & Ophi of Astrostyle.com

**Dedicated to the people of Paradise & Thousand Oaks, CA, USA

following the devastating wildfires of November 2018**


Retrograde Mercury in Sagittarius,

The global situation’s precarious.

Remember the map’s not the territory,

Rerouting nomadic flights, Neptune fantasies.

Returning to sender: one-way ticket(s) to Mars, anyone?


Re: Life’s marathon, not just a sprint;

Retrospective inaction: we’ll get Mercury’s hints.


Remember the philosophic Aristotle, Plato & Socrates?

Received wisdom, recyclable armchair philosophies.

               But could their time be up?

Reintegrating the feminine: the good, badass and the fugly!

Ready for new femlosophers: Sheroes & Sheagles on Astro TV?


Rebuild Paradise Lost amidst unquenchable wildfires;

Rescueing what we can from the charred funeral pyres.


Reappraising halcyon days, perhaps a misspent youth?

Reclaiming manipulated versions of your authentic Truth!


Remarkable archer: Robin  Hood, legendary Prince of Thieves;

Rediscover lost kingdoms: Atlantis & Lemuria, Memphis & Thebes.


Retrograde Mercury’s brief dalliance in mysterious Scorpio;

Retrieving Cupid’s arrows, restringing Stradivarius’s violin bow.


Ready for resurgent hope & optimism? Joyful brio?

Rejoice! Femlosophers Tali & Ophi command it so.

(c) Myke Kofi 2018.


  • http://www.astrostyle.com/mercury-retrograde-sagittarius-ode
  • Socrates c.470-399 BCE, Before the Common Era [wikipedia, Nov. 20th, 2018]
  • Plato c.428/427 or 424/423 to 348/347 BCE [-ditto-]
  • Aristotle c.384 to 322 BCE [-ditto-]
  • Antonio Stradivarius, 1644 to December 18th, 1737 [-ditto-]
  • Memphis & Thebes in: The Black Pharoah’s. National Geographic, February 2008.






The Chinese New Year of the Earth Dog:

[February 15th, 2018 – February 4th, 2019]

*Dedicated to the memory of the beloved daschund Seymour Edut, of Astrostyle.com

RIP August 21st, 2017*


Woof, woof! Bark,bark!

Welcome Chinese New Year, Earth Dog!

Grounding and guarding us,

Onwards and upwards through Neptune’s fog.

No matter your Dogon tribe, gender, colo(u)r or creed,

Select a Pedigree chum, maybe an intriguing cross-breed.

Willow the Labrapoodle, anyone?


A New Year to speak up and out: got something to confess?

Scooping poop, cleaning up dog foul. Ugh, the doggone dog mess!

Like Hercules slaying Cerberus,

#Time’s Up! Monstrous, dirty dogs

Enough of wagging  #TheHandmaiden’sTale

’cause the female of the species?

Now fiercely #awoke than the male!


A sobering year forgoing wilful, wanton hubris;

Avoiding embalmment by dog-headed Anubis!

But a stellar year looking UP Canis major;

dog-whistling in a Canis minor key.

Seriously get your glow on!

Shine binary dog stars:

Sirius A, and companion pup, Sirius B.


A year for nurturing abandoned, vulnerable, rescue dogs

A year for championing underrepresented #Underdogs.

Rest up harried greyhounds. Bow! wow! wow!

Say farewell to the dog track, Yat Yuen in Macau.

Calling out the hidden, inhumane, worldwide animal cruelty;

Visiting a dog-shelter? Donate one-time or for in perpetuity.



No bones of contention, it’s a boon year for:

Dog handlers, dog trainers and deluxe spa dog grooming;

multi-tasking dog walkers, dog-friendly biznesses BOOMING.

Dial-A-Dog wash and (fe)male dog whisperers, anyone?

Super-sleuthing curious night-time incidents of sneaky dog napping!

Hush puppies. Listen up for the zen silence of paws and claws clapping.


Woof, woof! bark, bark!

Keenest of hearing, the most sensitive nose

Earth dogs grounding us: adopting the child’s pose

Bird dog! Downward dog! Upward dog! 

Easy to follow inspirational dog yoga

Hello canine guru. Namastay canine yoda.


Aquarius, Gemini, Libra: insatiably curious to know

“How much is that doggie in the window?

The one with the wagg-ely tail…”


B-school graduation? At last, from Deputy dog to TOP dawg!

Take a brolly Mizz Molly, borderline collie – it’s raining cats and dogs.

A breakthrough year for medical detection dogs:

Sniffing out early signs, benign tumo(u)rs; possibly metastatic cancers!

Walking a yapping dog? Spotify spotted dogs, the Rhythm is a dancer.


Alas, inevitable Mercury Retrogrades! Infuriating as Lola the lazy greyhound bitch

Like fluffy dog hairs everywhere causing mass mizz_communication glitch_es.

Doggone it Mercury Retrograde! You an’t nothing but a hound dog!

Hound of the Baskervilles, Hounds of Love

Surprise retro reprise: Donny Osmond Puppy Love.


Someone please call HR on the dog and bone [i.e telephone]

We need to talk about #Pawternity leave.

Farewell Seymour Edut, for you we collectively grieve…


And for the pioneering dog tragically lost in space: Laika the Muscovite stray.

Straying into the Doll+Dog, Parisienne cafe?  Beware the cabal of ferocious ferals.

Just one bite could mean femme fatale attraction or doomed rabies peril.

Rabid, barking “mad dog” Colonel Gaddafi

Quarantined snarling darlings, in his harem, the Dogs of War!

Doberman’s, Rotweilers and Pitbull on a worldwide Harem scarem tour.

Sound check far worse than their woof, woof Barkbelly bite;

Keeping canine calm in a territorial world, gonna be a year-long dog-fight!


Challenging group think ideology and institutional dog-eared dogma.

Decoding Yiddish or somebody’s doggerel verse

Solo monopoly dogs!

Meet-and-greet your doppelganger for better, for worse.


When Uranus transits Taurus [ May 15th, 2018+]

Expect unexpected vocal allegations, unearthy revelations.

Sober and somber, blacking out the year’s velvet roped red carpets

Yikes! Fashionista dogs in haute harness frocks

But still rocking up glam slam: the dog’s bollocks.

Hounds-tooth silk tie or shearling dog-collar?

Labrapoodle skirts worth a pawful of dollars.


The Prodigy’s fetish for dogs: why you smacking my bitch up?

Digging for Truth: Like Parsifal’s quest for the holy grail cup.

#Time’s up salty dogs! Evolve and learn some new tricks!

Whiplash then tickle me with your furry rhythm schtick!!


City and rural dogs love retrieving earthbound sticks

Shag-pile dogs welcome your sublimely erotic forty licks.

Seeking loyalty points? Gotta learn and earn the Dog’s Trust.

Gotta pass the scratch and sniff test before swooning for doggy lust.

Frisky dogs on heat. Hot dogs: Springing feverish times

panting, panting out of breath, tantric mantra:

Slow down, deep breaths, Ooh yes! doggy-style.


When Jupiter enters Sagittarius [November 8th, 2018+]

Obsessed Astrostyle peeps get ready:

Upward dog! Downward dog! Bird dog and shout:

Whaddayya mean Commissioner Jellybean:

Who, who, who, who let the dogs OUT?…


#Cosmic canines, faithful, loyal #PackAnimals

Heracles slaying Cerbreus. Elephantine dog Hannibal.

Aibo, the AI Robo dogClever dogs and slumdog millionaires;

Elon Musk, doggedly determined future-forward billionaire.

Uber dogs driving Miss Daisy; drone dog deliveries beyond the stars

Dog pheromones: fly-trapping Venus, sizzling on Mars.


Saturn in Capricorn dogs #TalkaboutGOALS.

Absolutely no ifs, no Kardashian butts!

Get down to earth: petite pooches and minxy mutts.

Bob-sledding Siberian huskies, German Shepherds/Alsatians

Mesmerizing Venus in Pisces Olympic figure skating,

animating polka-dotted 101 Dalmatians.


Water signs? Resevoir dogs.

Meatloaf dog, Bell-ringer for love?

Salivating Pavlovian dogs.

When (Prince) Harry weds Meghan (Markle), serenading Her Majesty’s corgi’s

Gershwin’s operatic summertime aria, dynamic dog duo, Bess and Porgy.


Dog treating Virgo owners: why so thrifty, why frou frou frugal?

The Magic Roundabout’s  Skye Terrier dog, SUPERSIZED Dougal.

Dog meat treats: savo(u)ry sweet seduction by cookie, by biscuit;

Got impatient dogs? Make it snappy, treat ’em double quick!!

Bow, wow,wow! Dingoes going wild in the country;

Wait! Sit! Walk on! Unruly, rebellious dog, Leon Trotsky.


Meet Lula and Ziggy: adorable black cockapoos.

Cartoon dogs: Buster, stupid silly boxer and Scooby, Scooby Do!

Snoopy’s no.1 superfan? The Doggfather: Snoop Dogg.

Best in Show dog? Pimped and primed for Crufts?

Good boyyy/girrrl/dog, dog!


Aah, Cute #Office dog Georgie the Shih Tzu

Online survey: who goes, who stays?

A simple happiness cure?


unless #NSFW Dark web alert! #Watchdogs unleashed


Police dogs jumping through hoops, rallying Dogon tribes, rallying troops;

Caution: Patrol search & dog team. Sniffing for illegal firearms and drugs.

Sniffing out rotting odo(u)rs. Praise vets for pets tending dog’s lugs.


Hey What’s up Barkbelly? Sniffed out that vibe from R.Kelly?

Where on Earth is Doctor Who’s K-9?

Earth dog’s unconditional love requited, genuine.

Walkies Toto! Wizard of Oz dog. Yellow brick roading beyond Neptune’s fog.


Superbowl mascot: Goldie the retriever, dog wide receiever;

The Monkees Mars in Pisces dogs, : Yes y’all, I’m a Believer!

Lady Barber’s surrogate children – her Yorkshire terriers,

Jarvis the cocker spaniel, common people, the more the merrier.

Brewdog, Red Dog,

#DarkestHour, Churchill’s Black dog.

British bulldogs: squashed faces lookalike mugs;

Cyndi Lauper sings with Gordy, her black pug.


Phwoarr! Morning glory? Dog breath and bristling whiskers;

No escaping “Brexit” is a dog’s breakfast and a dog’s dinner!

Let bygones be bygones; Let’s live and let die

Let it be and  Let sleeping dogs lie

Eclipsed in the doghouse, the dog days of summer.


Praise be the guide dogs leading the blind and partially-sighted;

mountain rescuecompanion dogs consoling the broken-hearted.

In the Chinese New Year of the dog, we can always depend

on our Earth dogs, our faithful, loyal four-legged friends.

Woof, woof! bark, bark!


(c) Myke Kofi 2018 *70s dog*



A warm fuzzy feeling:

Love this, love that!

like this, like that

Tweeting me

all day, all night

until eventually

you retort and snapchat.


Often, a lukewarm feeling:

evoking confusion

and kneeling

for your sensual brand of

sexual healing


Marvin Gaye

night shifting:

What’s going on?

The silence induces paranoia:

Well, how long’s this been going on?


Like hot tea



Something’s missing

but we won’t be sold

Valentine’s day

A mid-wintry tale

this time of year

unless you live

Southern hemisphere

where Love

hops, skips and jumps

like a kangaroo.

(c) Myke Kofi. February 14th, 2018.

Happy New Year


to everyone following my

intermittment poetry blog.


Perhaps my resolution

for 2018 is to

post more often!


It would be great to

find out


resolution for


Source: Jupiter in Scorpio?..


This ode is my reflection of the planet Jupiter. Desribed by ancient astronomer-astrologers as the great benefic, Jupiter’s long transit of Scorpio, the eighth sign of the zodiac begins October 10, 2017 until November 8th, 2018.

This transit magnifies previously hidden information and lost treasures [e.g. A hidden painting of Mary, Queen of Scots was recently unveiled by the National Gallery of Scotland, October 27th, 2017]  as well as the emergece of long-buried secrets and unsolved crimes #metoo.

Hence the massive public interest in the inexcusable behaviour of the disgraced Hollywood “producer” Harvey Weinstein and the infamous British child molester, Jimmy Saville. Will lessons be learnt from the silent victims and hidden accomplices? Hence…

Hello, Jupiter in Scorpio?…

We’ve been expecting you


to expose hushed-up sex crimes

Please immediately review!


Investigate! Interrogate!

A collective responsibility

we can no longer abrogate.

Get undercover, dig DEEPER behind the scenes;

Research and excavate, spilling the beans.


Flush out and again inappropriate misbehaviours;

Scorpio: galactic guardian,

Jupiter: benefic saviour.


This transit also affects:

Traumatised curent and past lives, ruthless Viking pillages;

Imperious colonisation dividing once peaceful Afrikan villages.

These are humanity’s crises hours:

Does nothing faze you nor make you blink?

Reinstate mystic detectives, problem-solve errant group-think.


For when “Womanity” is disowned and scorned, hell hath no fury

like prematurely bereaved, radioactivity pioneer, Madame Curie.

Alas, forlorn Hillary Clinton: “What happened”?

On that cold and cruel November’s Election night when

“You can’t always get what you want”? 


Fandango, Scorpio. It takes two to Tango.

Co-ruled by brutal martial law # police brutality # Barcelona

In tune with pyschic realms, advanced ceritfied diploma.

Corruptible cryptocurrencies, Plutocratic deposits;

Jupiter in Scorpio flushes out

shadowy skeletons hiding in our closets.


Oh Jupiter! Bringer of joyful, yoga laughter levity;

Expansive body heat indices, soul merging intensity.

Ah Scorpio: Moody and broody much?

Pent-up outbursts, operatic diva propensities;

Lighten up Eighth sign: passion, power and politics [a] proclivities.


Money, sex and power reimagined? [b]

Astro peeps: prepped for animalistic instructions?

Magnetize your branding with appealing zeal,

Unleashing your weapons of mass seduction.

Chantilly lace, Scandi-chic noir;

feathery leatherettes, from boardroom to boudoir.

Role reversals, transformational gender fluidity;

Madame Butterflies in your stomach? Full-frontal nudity.

RSVPing Sunday brunch in Central Park?

Orchestrating slick manoeuvres in the dark. Seriously (ahem) serious, strictly playing for keeps; Sipping Scotch, snakcing tatties and neaps whilst rolling in the deeps.


Flash sale of flesh: bare ankles and barer shoulders;

Khol-eyed gothic romantic subconsciously smoulders.

Intrigued by your inky black, esoteric Sanskrit tattoos;

Scorpio, discreetly decoding your unspoken taboos.


Jealous much Othello? Desdemona, your Je ne sais quois?

Secret fantasy: three in a bed a.k.a menage a trois!!!


Eyes wide shut or eyes wide opened?

Shamanic amulets; talismanic love tokens.

Accepts your unicorn onesies, blown-up Vodoo dolls.

Refined Scorpio: control-alt-deletes gross, online trolls.


Suspicous of zodiac foes, senses heightened for malice;

Daenerys is that you?  Why the poisoned chalice?

Communes with priestesses and goddesses, pagans and druids;

Intoxicated by the sweet, sweet drops of your Lovesexy fluids.


The Scorpions happy place? Elemental water.

Aquariums and lakes, tearful springs, waterfalls and the oceans;

Safely relinquishing buried deep, toxic raw emotions.

Exhaustive batteries, ultimate serial loyalty tests;

Jupiter in Scorpio, hybrid complexity at its best.


Nostalgic for halcyon days, Taurus simplicity

Scorpio’s unique, paradoxical triplicity.

Trusting no-one except select few faithful, loyal dogs;

Siouxsie Sioux and her banshees [c] masqueraded by Halloween’s fog.

Yikes! Ghost-busting apparitions appearing suddenly in the mist;

And Ouch! the bittersweet aftertaste of a long lost lover’s very last kiss…


Shabeen too many mirages, grandiose self-delusions;

Recipe for disaster: remorseful internal disillusion.


[Fanfare of Trumpets]…

Jupiter in Scorpio, aided and abetted by Mercury;

thirteen month touring valedictory.

Owning the stage, embracing Leo’s limelight;

Spotlight? Yeah, damn right! Wake up and swipe right

like Orion the hunter, Scorpio’s ready to fight.


Rise and shine “Fire Rooster” like a Phoenix from the ashes;

Soar, Golden Eagle from the Ocean floor.

Arise, Jupiter in Scorpio, we’ve been expecting you!


(c) Myke Kofi 2017


[a] Opera: passion, power and politics at the Victoria & Albert museum, London, UK [runs until Feb 25th, 2018] http://www.vam.ac.uk/exhibitions/opera

[b] http://www.astrostyle.com/jupiter-in-scorpio-2017

[c] Siouxsie Sioux at 60: “More than a monochrome goth-pop priestess”;

(c) Ben Hewitt featured in the Guardian.com/ Friday 26th May 2017


http://www.facebook.com/SiouxsieHQ and @SiouxsieHQ

Amazingly, the band have a record called “Peek-a-boo” on their Peepshow album (1988).