“Autumn leaves, seasonal fruits

Nature’s colourful transformation.

Serene greens, copper reds:

combined & intwined; enthused & fused

Announcing Earth’s harvest celebrations”.


(c) Mk 2017 for #NationalPoetryDay



  • This astrological, retrograde phenomenon runs from August 12/13th thru’ September 5th/6th, 2017.
  • Time to triple check all communications, travel plans and back-up your back-ups.
  • And expect the unexpected!
  • I trust you enjoy reading as I have had writing x

Retrograde Mercury in Virgo

revisiting, rerouting us

rescheduling, rewiring us

redrawing lines, retracing steps.


Re-finding misplaced, rainbow pussy hats;

Resourceful Virgo. Eagle-eyed like that.

Resolutely thoughtful, a muted mutability;

Retro-shading all our Senses and Sensibilities.

Reveal and conceal: is that your Jane Austen bodice ripper?

Replay then delayed: telegrams aboard steamship clipper.


Retrograde Mercury in Virgo:

re-imagining us, with the minimum of fuss.

Redefining, recreating,

Reclaiming and renaming us

Like a Shakespeare play

re-crafting, recasting

re-writing, re-editing

re-issuing, re-posting

re-blogging, re-tweeting

reprinting, republishing us.


Renegotiating our basic human rights.

Respecting intellectual property rights.

Reaffirming reproductive, fertility rights;

Reciting the solemn Patriarchal last rites.


Retrograde Mercury in Virgo:

re-directing us: a Sam Shepard play;

re-enacting an earthy roll in the hay.

Replicating fruit-flies; recombinant DNA.

Rendering morphed mutants redundant. Evolution’s ruthless way!


Recognises your unspoken foreplay; trusting nature’s instincts.

Remembering maternal; yielding only to the subtlest hints.

Reconstructive surgery; regenerative medicines.

Regenerating time lords as human-android citizens.


Revitalizing sluggish, stagnant revenue streams.

Re-inhaling Ayahausca. Totally recalling lucid dreams.

Re-purposing traditional herbs; still good as new

Re-tilling the soil in the morning dew.


Repairing wounded Earth. Virgo’s eco healing.

Rekindling relationships; deep forsaken feelings.

Reuniting Oscar Wilde with his long-lost Bosie*

Re-sleuthing lost cases ’cause Virgo’s kind of nosey.


Resolving to separating the wheat from the chaff. And oh

Really? Another #White House media gaffe!

Retrograde Mercury in Virgo: sandwiched by game-changing Eclipses

Reality bites: surely, no one can miss this.

Electrifying Aquarius, partial lunar; then Leo roaring, total solar

Re-setting satellites; resonating sonar.


Repelled by repugnant, reprehensible acts

distorted truths; w.t.f. alternative facts! And

Repealing basics, universal affordable care?

Re-read Virgo lips, Senators? Please, don’t you dare.


Rethinking the unthinkable, reigning the impeachable;

Relearning history, alas, repeating the inevitable?

Reclassifying information: strictly on “the need to know”

Reaping what we sowed, reaping what we’ve sown.


Re-investigating elections, and the FBI repercussions

Re-transcending hate with love, KGB Russians

Re-striving for perfection, the sixth Herculean task;

Really Virgo: is there nothing too much to ask?


Redoubling efforts, re-employing elbow grease;

Re-scrutinising the minutiae hidden in the lease.

Re-opening windows, re-hinging doors;

Re-scouring kitchens, re-scrubbing floors.


Redeeming coupons, thrift-store vouchers;

Re-setting passwords, refreshing browsers.

Re-stacking shelving, re-polishing brass;

Replanting seeds,  re-feeding grass.


Redeeming broken-hearts, Pisces pieces.

Rescuing humanoid-androids in distress;

Restoring faith and hope, rectifying the mess.


Then, at last:


Re-emerged from the trickster’s backspin

Replenished, respectful, reverential

Retrieved treasures buried deep within?

Re-organised disorder into harmony;


Restored a new order, into our disorderly courts;

Restarted afresh: missions chaotic? Then simply abort!

Rejoice: O’ Virgo Regina guiding us thru’

Retrograde Mercury in Virgo.

(c) Myke Kofi 2017

Inspired by Astrostyle.com and various Virgo muses.


Father’s Day. June 18th, 2017


Let’s hear it for our awesome dads!

Traditionally, the family’s unsung heroes.

Some reassigned, new gender as sheroes.


Some denigrated for their arm-waving ‘dad dancing’

prompted by magical memories: youthful romancing.

Some harshly relegated, downgraded by post-modern society;

Fortunately, fatherhood’s joy promotes responsible sobriety.


Oh Father. Fatherly, hidden figures.

Some present; some absent

gone away somewhere.

Alas some, gone too soon.


Thank you awesome dads

for your enduring Faith, Hope and Love.

For your giant, baby steps on the moon.

(c) Myke Kofi 2017 aka the Wylde Green poet.

Retrograde Mercury Taurus


Repairs and alterations: another zodiac test?

Re-blurring cerulean blues; olive-branch greens

Reshuffling cosmic cards with slow. Deep. Breaths.


Reminding us gently: Look up from addictive screens!

Revere instead, your mind body green.

Replenishing with juices; clean and serene.

Releasing resentments; restoring the equilibrium

whilst you were sleeping in Seattle; no sleep til Tulum

with slow. Deep. Breaths.


Rediscover the Beatles acoustic melodies;

Reverberate Beach Boys happy harmonies.

Reignite jasmine aromas; flowering rescue remedies.

Recycling green plastic bottles; renewable sunscreens

with slow. Deep. Breaths.


Reconnecting your head with your heart

Reel in, real slow an organic apple-cart

[Living life on the veg]

Revisit local-sourced farmer marks;

Replace fast-food junk, processed marts

with slow. Deep. Breaths.


Re-practise alfresco, green goddess asanas,

Re-fueling your body; fair-traded bananas

Retox and detox. Relentless technology!

Re-book massages; re-prioritise reflexology

Retreating; relaxing with slow. Deep. Breaths.


Re: “Ain’t no particular sign we’re more compatible with?”

Venus in Pisces? Go with the flow.

Retrograde Mercury in Taurus?  Go with the slow.

Deep. Breaths

Fire signs. What’s your fast and furious, relentless hurry?

Re-sample slow-cooked Taurean; gourmet, epicurean curry.


Reconsider the snail’s…pace. Slow and steady wins this retro race.

Be more tortoise than harried hare. Smell the roses. Stop and stare.

Pause for YOUR cause. No rhyme, no reason; just ’cause it’s retro season

with slow. Deep. Breaths.


Alas sometimes, you’ll wanna scream! Til you can scream no more.

Resolved to shut down paths beckoning no more?

Ready to release some pain embedded DEEP in your core? Wanna

Reprise the slow-dance shag on the bodouir floor

but this time babe: with slower. DEEPER. Breaths…


Reacquainted with Bluebella, anyone? Essensually, redefining pleasure.

Relish every olive-oiled inch; energetic potential, heavenly treasure.

Rejoice for peek-a-boo glimpses of sensuous skin.  Tattooed with temptation; and

reeking of sin.

Reclusive mistress; softly subtle. Refined divine, gestures totally non-verbal.

Reminiscing your fragrant tuberose; plucked from Eden’s garden herbal?

Relished every moment babe; refined movement with slow. Deep Breaths.


Release, release the emerald-eyed monster;

Retracted, latent in your recycled upholster.

Release the tight grippage; quivering revolver!

Relent, relent: oh you wounded healer!

Repent, repent: to the great Absolver

on your knees with slow. Deep. Breaths.


(c) Myke Kofi 2017 aka Mk Ya on Facebook.com

Inspired by a fragrant Taurean muse and http://www.astrostyle.com/mercury-retrograde












Source: Retrograde Venus…

This ode relates to the planet of love and values ,Venus.

Approximately every 18 months, Venus appears from earth to reverse its motion in the heavens. An astrological phenomenon known as a “retrograde”. This time around, Venus retrogrades firstly, in the sign of Aries [March 4th/5th, 2017] depending on your local time zone. A remarkable time of “me, myself and I”. Thus, straining all relationships – platonic/romantic; business/professional etc.

Venus reverses into Pisces [April 2nd/3rd] restoring much needed peace and harmony!

Venus finally resumes forward (direct) motion from April 15/16th in the peaceful sign of Pisces.

Just in time for Easter 2017 which falls on April 16/17th [sweet relief]

and eventually re-entering warrior Aries, 29th/30th April 2017.


Retrograde Venus

Why do you tease us?


Deflating, tainting Love

unlike the

Redeemer Jaysus.


Forty days, forty nights

Just where did our Love go?

Wrecking spicy pillow talk

Inflaming petty cat-fights.


Retrograde Venus

Why, won’t you appease us?


Where is the Love

Jupiter-Libra promised so far?

Retreated from view;

Oh, vanquished, vanishing Evening star.


Venusian Aries: from today, it’s America first?

Yikes! Insatiable appetite; unquenchable thirst!



Your mantra always: me, myself and I.

You shed no tears; even when doves cry.


Was the cosmic plan to be in cahoots


Retrograde Jupiter in Libra’s jump-suit


Parading pussy hats; laced-up

Red or Dead, Doc Marten boots?


Refrain: Your mantra always: me, myself and I.

You shed no tears; even when doves cry.


Retrograde Venus

Love gets fierce in warrior Aries

Alex McQ, Viv Westwood, anyone?

Slurping too many bloody Mary’s.


Alas, Arian pride before Venus’s detrimental fall.

How ’bout we make love; not nuclear war?

Let’s knock-down; demolish Tex-Mex walls!


Refrain: Your mantra always: me, myself and I.

You shed no tears; even when doves cry.



Then the sweetest relief when Venus

reverses into ethereal, peaceful Pisces

restoration time; picking up the pieces

of Love’s cosmic jigsaw puzzle.


Love changes everything

dreamily in La La land.


Oh Retrograde Venus

Won’t you please reappear as Morning star

Rejoice for Love retrograded way too far!


(c) Myke Kofi 2017

Inspired by http://www.astrostyle.com




An Ode for St. Valentine’s Day 2017   “St. Valentine: What our world needs now? Is Love, sweet Love.   Your Love, my Love. All you need is Love. One Love. Love is in the air. …

Source: St Valentine: What our world needs now? Is Love, sweet Love…