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Mercury retrograde Capricorn…

December 19th, 2016 thru’ January 8th, 2017.

This ode is inspired by the astrological phenomenon where the planet Mercury (ruler of communications and travel, tech and gadgets etc) appears to slow down; stop (station) and reverse its usual forward motion in the heavens. This “retrograde” planetary motion occurs approximately three or four times a year.

So from December 19th, 2016 until January 8th, 2017, Mercury retrogrades in the Cardinal, earthy zodiac sign of Capricorn (represented by the mountain-goat or the mythical fish-tailed goat; reliable donkey etc). Hence a lot of “Re” words referenced in the poem, below.

This ode is also inspired by the astrological insights provided by the Astro Twins,  Tali & Ophi Edut. Please check them out at


Mercury retrograde Capricorn:

Another cosmic rewind. Endless, slow motion days.

The real world in flux. Travel status update: “expect delays”.


Reflect and review. A time to reevaluate.

Repeat the mantra #Love Trumps Hate!


Respect dues; reward achievements. Capricorn, no need to boast.

Regulate. Rethink your media. Reschedule your socialite posts.


Reconsider out-of-the-blue offers. A time to rebuild, a time to restructure.

Re-breathe Zen peace before blood veins pump volume; erupt, rupture!


Re-practice the yogic poses: be rooted like tree; soar like eagle.

Re-plant the soil; re-dig with toil. Reawaken Earth; resonate “Spiegel und spiegel”.


Rework the meaning; recheck the context.

Reallocate resources. Re-prioritise tasks to be done. Next!


Relish, revel in some happier memories; retrospective reprise, melodic Bowie tunes.

Review the scoop-y scopes. Recast the Tarot. Re-alphabetize the whispering runes.


[Refrain] Oh Mercury! Cosmic master; heavenly mistress of duality.

Re-blurring lines. Breaking bad boundaries; satyr-izing virtual reality.


Alas, Shakespeare-like, the simplest messages/emoticons; so easily misconstrued.

Resist re-tweeting those (ugh) graphic, lurid texts. Reclassify them ASAP into “category lewd”.


Mercury retrograde Capricorn:

Reuniting intergalactic rogue one renegades.

Re-honouring (s)heroes, overdue victory parades.


Review the Akhasic records; hypnotic, past life regressions

Mysterious Mercury meetup with plutocratic Capricorn.

We don’t need another global recession!


Reunions of snakes! Families and bands. Reformation of future election rolls?

Misinformation at election booths? Shame on you, mercurial trickster polls!


Recondition the air-con; retrofit the in-car audio.

Renovate the retro; reupholster the analog(ue) radio.


Re-invest in renewables. Return on investments; timely deliverables.

Re-vitalize gig economies. Readjust household budgets, post-Brexit inflation.

Recount revenue receipts. Pay dues for sustainable landfill reclamation.

Reverse engineer Reaganomics; re-engineer Mother Earth’s regeneration.


Rescind injustices! Restore equitable, fair justice!!

#Reform. Gun.Law. Review knife. crime. Stat!


Rehabilitate repeat offenders; reject costly recidivism.

Revoke the death penalty. Release all falsely imprisoned.


Reassemble recluses; recalcitrant refuseniks.

Reiterate. Repeat. Refine, sweet reet petite.


Mercury retrograde Capricorn:

Steadfast, sure-footed; heavenly-laden, Bethlehem donkey.

Reliable, dependable; unlike a bunch of capricious monkeys!


Go slow and steady like the Kashmir mountain-goat.

Rewrite your bucket list; redraft on whatever medium floats your boat.


Forget your brand of retribution; serving icy-cold revenge.

Reflect on compassion; resurrect forgiveness; make relationship amends.


Relinquish control. Surrender for post-Truth era


Resubmit your movie short. Reenter the Sundance dalliance.


Alas, constant daily horrors; senseless global terrors

could render humanity to feel forlorn.


“Review your personal cyber-security!”

Re-instructs “El Capitain” as Mercury retrogrades Capricorn.


(c) Myke Kofi 2016




Retrograde Mercury Taurus

(read slowly; slower still)


Oh Mercurial jester!

Renegade master: back once again?


Rebrand, seize the day! Cherish the good when negatives hold sway.

Recalibrate the unbalanced equilibrium;

Re-embrace boredom, Taurean tedium. [Keep it simple, sugarplum!]


Re-prioritise relationships, re-evaluate frenemies, reallocate tasks!

Redeemable renewables; kickback rebates – ┬ájust in case the Revenue asks?


Reduce, reuse and recycle. Stop mercurial waste poisoning ammonia-cle.

Reflect and reform. Gently let down obsolete dreams outworn.

Reflex the Duran tunes; relieve muscle tension by mooning at the moon!

Reflux acidic indigestion. To be or not be? Hamlet’s retrospective life question.


Remember Grandma’s soul food recipes?

Rescue the remedy; a smile served with hot tea.


Rehash the deets of sacred contracts; signed with undue haste matter-of-fact!

Reinstate order in your disharmony.

Repeat. Reiterate. “Reet petite”

Re-jig your juggle; relent from the struggle.

Reshuffle your Tarot cards – resourcefully.


Release, relinquish. Alkalinise juices; eat greener dishes.

Reacquaint and relate with your mate. Regulate illusions that’s there plenty of fishes [remnants in our polluted oceans and fragile coral reefs].

Reassess the situation; don’t remonstrate, forget about retaliation!


Remove bullish obstacles blocking your progress;

Repair the hemline of that (ahem) f*** me wedding dress.

Revel in your big reveal on Bondi beach;

Redeem voucher codes for items priced outta reach!

Revisit vintage treasure troves; bargain-huntin’ luxe detective;

Ready-to-wear emerald green eco-chic woven by Earth’s collective.

Re-platform outworn platform shoes; “Carwash” the ‘fro

Reprise Manhattan Transfer tunes; dance real slow – slower still.


Resume DIY projects stalled since the Fall;

Renovate the bathroom, kitchen and the hall.

Reframe the Andy Warhol’s holding up the wall.

Reconvene at Rembrandt’s retrospective – Dutch master of them all.


Really beware waving red flag to a bull. For example:

Beware Sansa Stark scripted for revenge;

Reconsider her coded offer staking-out Stonehenge.


Restructure stinkin’ thinking; rethink your media

rewrite and delete expletives in your Wikipedia.


Alas, an unexpected Requiem for the Prince, eternally purpled Reign;

Rejoice in your heavenly legacy; down-to-Earth psychedelic refrains…

Recharge low battery devices, overstimulated by Aries

Replay the power ballads like, uh, Mariah Carey’s

Reclaim your vocal power; reclaim serenity.

Rebirth a deep belly breath, step back from life’s frenzy!


Refill your body, dessert (ahem) horn of plenty.

Rekorderling (r) cider in Reykjavik anyone?


Hello! Adele*/Lionel Ritchie* remix [ *delete one as required]

Hello! Blind-folded hot toddy

Replenish cocoa butter on our weary body. Slowly, slower still!

Revere the god/goddess in you. Taurean magic number is two.



Re-purpose your vision; thank you cancer cells for

remission. Because we all need a Love




Revlon (r) anyone “Choose Love”

Revamp, revalidate, revitalize

’cause when Mercury retro’s finally done



Copyright (c) 2016 Myke Kofi @MykoYeboh Facebook: Mk Ya

for @astrotwins