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A warm fuzzy feeling:

Love this, love that!

like this, like that

Tweeting me

all day, all night

until eventually

you retort and snapchat.


Often, a lukewarm feeling:

evoking confusion

and kneeling

for your sensual brand of

sexual healing


Marvin Gaye

night shifting:

What’s going on?

The silence induces paranoia:

Well, how long’s this been going on?


Like hot tea



Something’s missing

but we won’t be sold

Valentine’s day

A mid-wintry tale

this time of year

unless you live

Southern hemisphere

where Love

hops, skips and jumps

like a kangaroo.

(c) Myke Kofi. February 14th, 2018.

This ode relates to the planet of love and values ,Venus.

Approximately every 18 months, Venus appears from earth to reverse its motion in the heavens. An astrological phenomenon known as a “retrograde”. This time around, Venus retrogrades firstly, in the sign of Aries [March 4th/5th, 2017] depending on your local time zone. A remarkable time of “me, myself and I”. Thus, straining all relationships – platonic/romantic; business/professional etc.

Venus reverses into Pisces [April 2nd/3rd] restoring much needed peace and harmony!

Venus finally resumes forward (direct) motion from April 15/16th in the peaceful sign of Pisces.

Just in time for Easter 2017 which falls on April 16/17th [sweet relief]

and eventually re-entering warrior Aries, 29th/30th April 2017.


Retrograde Venus

Why do you tease us?


Deflating, tainting Love

unlike the

Redeemer Jaysus.


Forty days, forty nights

Just where did our Love go?

Wrecking spicy pillow talk

Inflaming petty cat-fights.


Retrograde Venus

Why, won’t you appease us?


Where is the Love

Jupiter-Libra promised so far?

Retreated from view;

Oh, vanquished, vanishing Evening star.


Venusian Aries: from today, it’s America first?

Yikes! Insatiable appetite; unquenchable thirst!



Your mantra always: me, myself and I.

You shed no tears; even when doves cry.


Was the cosmic plan to be in cahoots


Retrograde Jupiter in Libra’s jump-suit


Parading pussy hats; laced-up

Red or Dead, Doc Marten boots?


Refrain: Your mantra always: me, myself and I.

You shed no tears; even when doves cry.


Retrograde Venus

Love gets fierce in warrior Aries

Alex McQ, Viv Westwood, anyone?

Slurping too many bloody Mary’s.


Alas, Arian pride before Venus’s detrimental fall.

How ’bout we make love; not nuclear war?

Let’s knock-down; demolish Tex-Mex walls!


Refrain: Your mantra always: me, myself and I.

You shed no tears; even when doves cry.



Then the sweetest relief when Venus

reverses into ethereal, peaceful Pisces

restoration time; picking up the pieces

of Love’s cosmic jigsaw puzzle.


Love changes everything

dreamily in La La land.


Oh Retrograde Venus

Won’t you please reappear as Morning star

Rejoice for Love retrograded way too far!


(c) Myke Kofi 2017

Inspired by




An Ode for St. Valentine’s Day 2017


“St. Valentine:

What our world needs now?

Is Love, sweet Love.


Your Love, my Love. All you need is Love. One Love.

Love is in the air. Heaven sent,

down to earth on the wings of doves.


To the spy who Loved me. From Russia, with Love?

Wired and tired? Pushed and shoved?


St Valentine:

Bring your presence more than presents;

Bring your smile more than ‘gifs’ and gifts.

Bring your heart and mind; eyes wide open

Unnecessary words needs not be spoken.


For your alluring, enchanting Love tokens:

Chocolatey cards, edible flowers, divine wine


’cause St.Valentine:

What our world needs now?

Is Love, sweet Love.


(c) Myke Kofi 2017

Inspired by St.Valentine;

Burt Bacharach and Hal David’s “What the world needs now? is Love, sweet Love” and  * * *


The world needs Love, sweet Love…

[as Venus-Jupiter meetup in Virgo, 10/25/15]

Your Love, my Love. One Love, endless Love.

Love is in the A.I.R….on the wings of a dove.

Love lift us up where we belong – on the wings of Love.

Too much phishing, too much shove?

What the world needs is Love, sweet Love.

For everybody in the [zodiac] House of Love…

Aries: I drove all night to get to you; but she drives me crazy!

Crazy little thing called Love. But where ya from? You sexy thing!

Taurus: Love me tender [Swipe left if you Love me Tinder].

Gemini: Got everything but the girl? I don’t wanna talk about it! Billy Joel: Tell her about it!

Cancer: Love shack or Caravan of Love?

Just a vacancy; Love don’t live here any more!

Leo: Your Love is King/the Lion sleeps tonight. Happy Birthday Katy Perry; hear me Rawr [10/25/15].

Virgo: Sowing the seeds of Love. But it’s gotta be perfect! [ Venus-Jupiter-Virgo]

I’ll do anything for Love BUT I won’t do THAT [!!]

Libra: Justify your Love [Mdna’s no-cape-fear remix feat.Kravitz on geetar]

Scorpio: InSPECTRE James Bond, view to a kill? Beware double agents, licensed to thrill!

Too much phishing, too much shove! Drop-dead gorgeous; how DEEP is your Love?

Sage: C’mon light my fi-re ablaze, Eternal flame.

Bon Jovi, You give Love a bad name!  [Courtney or Darlene anyone?]

Capricorn: It’s been a hard days’ night! So smile like you mean it!

Aquarius: The look of Love. A real dead-ringer for Love [thanks Meatloaf]!

Pisces: We all need a Love resurrection, divine intervention.

Compassion and forgiveness, live and let die with intention.

Too much phishing, too much shove;

Because the world needs Love, sweet Love.

PLANETARY aspects of Love:

Walking on sunshine; voodoo sunshine; Waterloo sunset.

Walking on the moon; river and safari. Moon medlies? You bet!

Earth: Love is a wonderful colour; Love is all around.

We’re addicted to Love; Love is the drug for we!

Alas, When Love breaks down…Love comes tumbling down again!

Wind: I can feel it in the air tonight. Can you feel the Love tonight?

Fire: Marvin Gaye, Let’s get it on! Sex on fi-re! All ye drag-queens from Lyons.

Mercury: Love comes quickly; but you can’t hurry Love!

Too much phishing, too much shove!

Venus in a Black box? You’re such a hot temptation! [Heaven 17’s fab Temptation]!

Mars: Speed your Love to me! Colour me bad: I wanna sex you UP!

From Russia, with Love? Shaken and stirred, drinking your Love cup.

Jupiter: Big, big Love. Awe, the Fairytale of NY [Happy anniversary Ophi & Jeffrey]

Saturn: Lessons in Love? Time after Time…too much phishing, too much shove!

What the world needs is Love, sweet Love!

Neptune: It’s Friday, I’m in Love with you!

Uranus: Blue Monday? Love’ll tear us apart again!

But we’ll always be together in electric dreams [#backtothefutureday October 21, 2015; 1985; 1955]

Pluto: Satellite of Love [Charon remix anyone?]

Chiron: Love can build a bridge/Bridge over troubled water

too much phishing, too much shove;

Love changes everything… in the Sea of Love.

(c) Myke Kofi 2015 & co-created with Melissa; Ophi & Tali Edut aka the Astro Twins


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