The world needs Love, sweet Love…

[as Venus-Jupiter meetup in Virgo, 10/25/15]

Your Love, my Love. One Love, endless Love.

Love is in the A.I.R….on the wings of a dove.

Love lift us up where we belong – on the wings of Love.

Too much phishing, too much shove?

What the world needs is Love, sweet Love.

For everybody in the [zodiac] House of Love…

Aries: I drove all night to get to you; but she drives me crazy!

Crazy little thing called Love. But where ya from? You sexy thing!

Taurus: Love me tender [Swipe left if you Love me Tinder].

Gemini: Got everything but the girl? I don’t wanna talk about it! Billy Joel: Tell her about it!

Cancer: Love shack or Caravan of Love?

Just a vacancy; Love don’t live here any more!

Leo: Your Love is King/the Lion sleeps tonight. Happy Birthday Katy Perry; hear me Rawr [10/25/15].

Virgo: Sowing the seeds of Love. But it’s gotta be perfect! [ Venus-Jupiter-Virgo]

I’ll do anything for Love BUT I won’t do THAT [!!]

Libra: Justify your Love [Mdna’s no-cape-fear remix feat.Kravitz on geetar]

Scorpio: InSPECTRE James Bond, view to a kill? Beware double agents, licensed to thrill!

Too much phishing, too much shove! Drop-dead gorgeous; how DEEP is your Love?

Sage: C’mon light my fi-re ablaze, Eternal flame.

Bon Jovi, You give Love a bad name!  [Courtney or Darlene anyone?]

Capricorn: It’s been a hard days’ night! So smile like you mean it!

Aquarius: The look of Love. A real dead-ringer for Love [thanks Meatloaf]!

Pisces: We all need a Love resurrection, divine intervention.

Compassion and forgiveness, live and let die with intention.

Too much phishing, too much shove;

Because the world needs Love, sweet Love.

PLANETARY aspects of Love:

Walking on sunshine; voodoo sunshine; Waterloo sunset.

Walking on the moon; river and safari. Moon medlies? You bet!

Earth: Love is a wonderful colour; Love is all around.

We’re addicted to Love; Love is the drug for we!

Alas, When Love breaks down…Love comes tumbling down again!

Wind: I can feel it in the air tonight. Can you feel the Love tonight?

Fire: Marvin Gaye, Let’s get it on! Sex on fi-re! All ye drag-queens from Lyons.

Mercury: Love comes quickly; but you can’t hurry Love!

Too much phishing, too much shove!

Venus in a Black box? You’re such a hot temptation! [Heaven 17’s fab Temptation]!

Mars: Speed your Love to me! Colour me bad: I wanna sex you UP!

From Russia, with Love? Shaken and stirred, drinking your Love cup.

Jupiter: Big, big Love. Awe, the Fairytale of NY [Happy anniversary Ophi & Jeffrey]

Saturn: Lessons in Love? Time after Time…too much phishing, too much shove!

What the world needs is Love, sweet Love!

Neptune: It’s Friday, I’m in Love with you!

Uranus: Blue Monday? Love’ll tear us apart again!

But we’ll always be together in electric dreams [#backtothefutureday October 21, 2015; 1985; 1955]

Pluto: Satellite of Love [Charon remix anyone?]

Chiron: Love can build a bridge/Bridge over troubled water

too much phishing, too much shove;

Love changes everything… in the Sea of Love.

(c) Myke Kofi 2015 & co-created with Melissa; Ophi & Tali Edut aka the Astro Twins


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