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Bio: Hello & welcome (8-), My pen name is Myke Kofi. I have been described as a lyrical poet. I reside in Wylde Green; a district of the Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield in the UK's second city, Birmingham. [The Royal charter was granted by infamous King Henry VIII in 1538 so he could hunt the stags in the local Sutton Park]! I enjoy writing from the heart as Birmingham is also known as the "Heart of England". Since June 2015, I am honoured to be poet laureate for http://www.AstroStyle.com. I am truly inspired by the endless possibilities offered by people & places; astronomy & astrology; philosophy & theology; alchemy & magic; as well as Mother Nature & Father Sun. Naturally, I am inspired by the local wordsmith extraordinaire William Shakespeare (Wm S) of nearby Warwickshire. Did you know Wm S mentions the local Bottle of Sack [pub] in Henry IV? I'm also inspired by Hafeez and Rumi etc]. I find more inspo in the visual and creative arts; street people, broadcast radio and only a little TV! And of course, the unpredictable global news that impacts each and everyone of us. I read& listen to a lot of poetry. Possibly much more than I've written. Be on the radio, on the London underground (tube/subway); every where, which way &when. Street people [&what they wear (or don't wear) to express themselves] & graffiti art inspires me. I tend to write quickly in snippets & rhyming couplets. Often, the lines appear as if out of nowhere or inspired by a song [like when I'm shaving my face early in the morning or washing dishes, ironing or recycling stuff]! So I have always have capture tools handy: pen&post-it notes; pencil& crayons, my trusty, portable tablet or phone just in case inspiration strikes when I least expect it! But mostly, poetry is 80% graft" & 20% inspo with lots of re-iteration behind-the-scenes. Above all, I seek to share my observations of the mundane & the wonderful every day, poetically. So, welcome & thank you very much for reading (8-) P.S. Myke Kofi holds a BSc (Hons) in Pharmacy&Masters of Science Degree in Pharmacognosy. He is an active member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. He is a friend of cultural institutions e.g. the Barber Institute of Fine Arts and Writing West Midlands.

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