Mercury retrograde Pisces from [March 5th/6th to March 27th/28th, 2019] is inspired by Tali & Ophi Edut of

Myke Kofi has dedicated this ode to the late, great American poet Mary Oliver; and to the late “Daydream Believer” Peter Tork of the Monkees. May their great souls rest in eternal peace )-(

Mercury retrograde Pisces…)-(…


The deepest scuba dive into the emotion oceans;

Trickster Mercury dissolving regular communications.

At first, a trickle of raindrops opening the floodgates;

unleashing cyclone Idai, revealing shadowy reprobates.

Typhoons and tsunamis, storms and tempests;

Regaling showpony tales of scantily-clad conquests.

Like Piscean Stormy Waters: assets overflowing her 36DD cup;

Retrograde Mercury kissing ass, the only way from this is UP!

Mercury retrograde Pisces: reversing your daily flow

Mars in Taurus: accentuating the retreat into the slow

lane of real life that’s become too hectic electric

So farewell Uranus in Aries!

Welcome instead, impulsive Aries transiting wound healing Chiron

whether you be mermaids, mermen or enchanting cosmic sirens.

Reclining on the clinic couch with Virgoan psychoanalysts;

Changeling muses,mizChartreuse’s Piscean amethyst.

Subconsciously dreaming of surrealist Salvador Dali,

planning it by the planets with Ophira & Tali.

Ahoy there! Blue planet: what can we do, now we know?

In serious peril, the oceanic legacy of Jacques Costeau.

For our children’s children it is crystal clear to see

weeping for so many plasticized fishes, floating lifeless

twenty thousand leagues under the sea!

Oink! In this year of the Earth Pig/wild boar:-

Every retrograde moment: an interminable Groundhog day!

with Mercury baiting Pisces in every which way

Hook, line and sinker!

Rendering your Pisces peace in bits and pieces?

We must reawaken from this nightmare with primeval screams;

Regurgitating snakes like organic chemist, Kekule’s benzene dream.

So in remembering that “to err is human, to forgive is divine”;

Resurface from the depths with pearls of wisdom sublime.

For when dreams become a nightmare, dragnetted in Poseidon’s lair;

Take slow.deep.breaths. Reciting over and over the “Serenity Prayer”.


  2. Stormy Waters a.k.a Daniels born as Stephanie Gregory Clifford on March 17th, 1979 [source: wikipedia]
  3. Salvador Dali, surrealist painter and eccentric [May 11th 1904 to January 23rd, 1989].
  4. Friedrich Kekule, German organic chemist [September 7th 1829 to July 13th, 1896].
  5. “To err is human…” published in 1711 in: “An essay on criticism, part II”. Written by the English poet Alexander Pope [May 21st, 1688 – May 30th, 1744]
  6. “The Serenity Prayer” is attributed to the Protestant theologian, Reinhold Niebuhr [June 21st, 1892 – July 1st, 1971]; and adopted by Alcoholics Anonymous since 1941. ***