*To celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Earth Pig/wild boar,

which starts February 5th, 2019 until January 20th, 2020.

*This ode is also inspired by the Astrotwins, Tali & Ophira Edut.

I highly recommend checking out their prolific and insightful work at Astrostyle.com and across social media platforms e.g. @astrotwins.

*I am also dedicating the Earth Pig ode to our embattled humanity at this time of unprecedented upheaval: socioeconomic; gender identity & political; ecological/enviromental and technological etc.

Ode to the Earth Pig/wild boar:-

Channelling Peppa Pig and Miss Piggy;

oinking and squealing: Ahoy there Babe!

Jupiter in Sag scanning new horizons,

triangulating the fixed stars with your astrolabe.

Marie Kondo-ing teenage pigsties?

Transform the space into something palatial;

with out-of-the box decluttering, feng shui-ing the spatial.

Perhaps, this Chinese New Year: a remarkable lookback to 1959;

authentically sourced from the Bay of Pigs:

vintage pork scratchings and organic pigswill wine.

Oink drunk, anyone? Squeal!

Many breeds of pigs: the Berkshires & Tamworth’s; Gloucester Old spots & British Saddlebrooks; Large whites and Duroc!

Pig’s blood, pig’s bladders: pig farming stories galore

Piggery and fierce battles about territorial wild boars.

Wild boars have animal rights – so why we treat ’em so abominal?

Let’s gather and talk: a year to be real in the real world communal.

Earth signs: a stellar year for hogging the limelight

Giddily, higgedy-piggedy like new Love at first sight!

Air signs: lucid dreaming, endlessly sighing

For that Groundhog day when guinea-pigs might be flying!


For all of us: an industrious year rebuilding the Piggy-bank;

Getting sweaty like Betty, refueling troughs, sluicing pig tanks.

New-born piglets, moon pigs and savoury pigs-in-blankets;

Adopting-a-piglet anyone? And calling the sow, Hilary Swanket!

How do you like your pig meats:

strictly halal or religiously kosher?

Vegan sausage rolls disrupting long held notons.

Rethinking what it means now: bringing home the bacon

Does the Love you give match the Love you’ve been taking?

What’s mine is yours, and hopefully, what’s your is mine:

But damn you diamond pigs! Casting my pearls before swines!

Let’s embrace pregnant pauses: no reasons, just because…

Street people on the catwalks:

Abigails-in-pigtails and the three little piglets;

Spring fever’s breaking news:

very special deliveries of IVF triplets

named: and sow! and sow!! and sow!!!

A year perhaps for radical cures for skin depigmentation,

Uranus in Taurus sanctions earthy wild boar-ish celebrations.

Maybe we might seek prophylaxis before swine-flu’s re-emergence,

Jupiter in Sag sanctions luxury and enlarges pig-sized decadence.

Marie Antoinette’s pig-headed piglets snorted: Let them eat cake!

A biblical tale: two thousand pigs herded headlong into a lake.

Tina Turner in Mad Max mumbled something ’bout pig****

Let’s resolve the US Federal shutdown and no-deal Brexit!

A year to indulge a little more fun, fun, fun!

Admire why don’t you Porky Pig’s “nice buns”?

Adios! ditching too much plastic and monotype Barbie dolls;

Controlling-alt-deleting fascist, pig-headed trolls!

Alas, if you’re caught playing piggy-in-the middle:

Celebrity love triangles, Neptune’s fantasy threesomes,

Let’s make this Earth Pig year kinder and awesome!

(c) Myke Kofi, February 2019.

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