Retrograde Mercury in Sagittarius…

[November 16th thru’ December 6th, 2018]

*Inspired by Tali & Ophi of

**Dedicated to the people of Paradise & Thousand Oaks, CA, USA

following the devastating wildfires of November 2018**


Retrograde Mercury in Sagittarius,

The global situation’s precarious.

Remember the map’s not the territory,

Rerouting nomadic flights, Neptune fantasies.

Returning to sender: one-way ticket(s) to Mars, anyone?


Re: Life’s marathon, not just a sprint;

Retrospective inaction: we’ll get Mercury’s hints.


Remember the philosophic Aristotle, Plato & Socrates?

Received wisdom, recyclable armchair philosophies.

               But could their time be up?

Reintegrating the feminine: the good, badass and the fugly!

Ready for new femlosophers: Sheroes & Sheagles on Astro TV?


Rebuild Paradise Lost amidst unquenchable wildfires;

Rescueing what we can from the charred funeral pyres.


Reappraising halcyon days, perhaps a misspent youth?

Reclaiming manipulated versions of your authentic Truth!


Remarkable archer: Robin  Hood, legendary Prince of Thieves;

Rediscover lost kingdoms: Atlantis & Lemuria, Memphis & Thebes.


Retrograde Mercury’s brief dalliance in mysterious Scorpio;

Retrieving Cupid’s arrows, restringing Stradivarius’s violin bow.


Ready for resurgent hope & optimism? Joyful brio?

Rejoice! Femlosophers Tali & Ophi command it so.

(c) Myke Kofi 2018.


  • Socrates c.470-399 BCE, Before the Common Era [wikipedia, Nov. 20th, 2018]
  • Plato c.428/427 or 424/423 to 348/347 BCE [-ditto-]
  • Aristotle c.384 to 322 BCE [-ditto-]
  • Antonio Stradivarius, 1644 to December 18th, 1737 [-ditto-]
  • Memphis & Thebes in: The Black Pharoah’s. National Geographic, February 2008.