This ode is my reflection of the planet Jupiter. Desribed by ancient astronomer-astrologers as the great benefic, Jupiter’s long transit of Scorpio, the eighth sign of the zodiac begins October 10, 2017 until November 8th, 2018.

This transit magnifies previously hidden information and lost treasures [e.g. A hidden painting of Mary, Queen of Scots was recently unveiled by the National Gallery of Scotland, October 27th, 2017]  as well as the emergece of long-buried secrets and unsolved crimes #metoo.

Hence the massive public interest in the inexcusable behaviour of the disgraced Hollywood “producer” Harvey Weinstein and the infamous British child molester, Jimmy Saville. Will lessons be learnt from the silent victims and hidden accomplices? Hence…

Hello, Jupiter in Scorpio?…

We’ve been expecting you


to expose hushed-up sex crimes

Please immediately review!


Investigate! Interrogate!

A collective responsibility

we can no longer abrogate.

Get undercover, dig DEEPER behind the scenes;

Research and excavate, spilling the beans.


Flush out and again inappropriate misbehaviours;

Scorpio: galactic guardian,

Jupiter: benefic saviour.


This transit also affects:

Traumatised curent and past lives, ruthless Viking pillages;

Imperious colonisation dividing once peaceful Afrikan villages.

These are humanity’s crises hours:

Does nothing faze you nor make you blink?

Reinstate mystic detectives, problem-solve errant group-think.


For when “Womanity” is disowned and scorned, hell hath no fury

like prematurely bereaved, radioactivity pioneer, Madame Curie.

Alas, forlorn Hillary Clinton: “What happened”?

On that cold and cruel November’s Election night when

“You can’t always get what you want”? 


Fandango, Scorpio. It takes two to Tango.

Co-ruled by brutal martial law # police brutality # Barcelona

In tune with pyschic realms, advanced ceritfied diploma.

Corruptible cryptocurrencies, Plutocratic deposits;

Jupiter in Scorpio flushes out

shadowy skeletons hiding in our closets.


Oh Jupiter! Bringer of joyful, yoga laughter levity;

Expansive body heat indices, soul merging intensity.

Ah Scorpio: Moody and broody much?

Pent-up outbursts, operatic diva propensities;

Lighten up Eighth sign: passion, power and politics [a] proclivities.


Money, sex and power reimagined? [b]

Astro peeps: prepped for animalistic instructions?

Magnetize your branding with appealing zeal,

Unleashing your weapons of mass seduction.

Chantilly lace, Scandi-chic noir;

feathery leatherettes, from boardroom to boudoir.

Role reversals, transformational gender fluidity;

Madame Butterflies in your stomach? Full-frontal nudity.

RSVPing Sunday brunch in Central Park?

Orchestrating slick manoeuvres in the dark. Seriously (ahem) serious, strictly playing for keeps; Sipping Scotch, snakcing tatties and neaps whilst rolling in the deeps.


Flash sale of flesh: bare ankles and barer shoulders;

Khol-eyed gothic romantic subconsciously smoulders.

Intrigued by your inky black, esoteric Sanskrit tattoos;

Scorpio, discreetly decoding your unspoken taboos.


Jealous much Othello? Desdemona, your Je ne sais quois?

Secret fantasy: three in a bed a.k.a menage a trois!!!


Eyes wide shut or eyes wide opened?

Shamanic amulets; talismanic love tokens.

Accepts your unicorn onesies, blown-up Vodoo dolls.

Refined Scorpio: control-alt-deletes gross, online trolls.


Suspicous of zodiac foes, senses heightened for malice;

Daenerys is that you?  Why the poisoned chalice?

Communes with priestesses and goddesses, pagans and druids;

Intoxicated by the sweet, sweet drops of your Lovesexy fluids.


The Scorpions happy place? Elemental water.

Aquariums and lakes, tearful springs, waterfalls and the oceans;

Safely relinquishing buried deep, toxic raw emotions.

Exhaustive batteries, ultimate serial loyalty tests;

Jupiter in Scorpio, hybrid complexity at its best.


Nostalgic for halcyon days, Taurus simplicity

Scorpio’s unique, paradoxical triplicity.

Trusting no-one except select few faithful, loyal dogs;

Siouxsie Sioux and her banshees [c] masqueraded by Halloween’s fog.

Yikes! Ghost-busting apparitions appearing suddenly in the mist;

And Ouch! the bittersweet aftertaste of a long lost lover’s very last kiss…


Shabeen too many mirages, grandiose self-delusions;

Recipe for disaster: remorseful internal disillusion.


[Fanfare of Trumpets]…

Jupiter in Scorpio, aided and abetted by Mercury;

thirteen month touring valedictory.

Owning the stage, embracing Leo’s limelight;

Spotlight? Yeah, damn right! Wake up and swipe right

like Orion the hunter, Scorpio’s ready to fight.


Rise and shine “Fire Rooster” like a Phoenix from the ashes;

Soar, Golden Eagle from the Ocean floor.

Arise, Jupiter in Scorpio, we’ve been expecting you!


(c) Myke Kofi 2017


[a] Opera: passion, power and politics at the Victoria & Albert museum, London, UK [runs until Feb 25th, 2018]


[c] Siouxsie Sioux at 60: “More than a monochrome goth-pop priestess”;

(c) Ben Hewitt featured in the Friday 26th May 2017 and @SiouxsieHQ

Amazingly, the band have a record called “Peek-a-boo” on their Peepshow album (1988).