• This astrological, retrograde phenomenon runs from August 12/13th thru’ September 5th/6th, 2017.
  • Time to triple check all communications, travel plans and back-up your back-ups.
  • And expect the unexpected!
  • I trust you enjoy reading as I have had writing x

Retrograde Mercury in Virgo

revisiting, rerouting us

rescheduling, rewiring us

redrawing lines, retracing steps.


Re-finding misplaced, rainbow pussy hats;

Resourceful Virgo. Eagle-eyed like that.

Resolutely thoughtful, a muted mutability;

Retro-shading all our Senses and Sensibilities.

Reveal and conceal: is that your Jane Austen bodice ripper?

Replay then delayed: telegrams aboard steamship clipper.


Retrograde Mercury in Virgo:

re-imagining us, with the minimum of fuss.

Redefining, recreating,

Reclaiming and renaming us

Like a Shakespeare play

re-crafting, recasting

re-writing, re-editing

re-issuing, re-posting

re-blogging, re-tweeting

reprinting, republishing us.


Renegotiating our basic human rights.

Respecting intellectual property rights.

Reaffirming reproductive, fertility rights;

Reciting the solemn Patriarchal last rites.


Retrograde Mercury in Virgo:

re-directing us: a Sam Shepard play;

re-enacting an earthy roll in the hay.

Replicating fruit-flies; recombinant DNA.

Rendering morphed mutants redundant. Evolution’s ruthless way!


Recognises your unspoken foreplay; trusting nature’s instincts.

Remembering maternal; yielding only to the subtlest hints.

Reconstructive surgery; regenerative medicines.

Regenerating time lords as human-android citizens.


Revitalizing sluggish, stagnant revenue streams.

Re-inhaling Ayahausca. Totally recalling lucid dreams.

Re-purposing traditional herbs; still good as new

Re-tilling the soil in the morning dew.


Repairing wounded Earth. Virgo’s eco healing.

Rekindling relationships; deep forsaken feelings.

Reuniting Oscar Wilde with his long-lost Bosie*

Re-sleuthing lost cases ’cause Virgo’s kind of nosey.


Resolving to separating the wheat from the chaff. And oh

Really? Another #White House media gaffe!

Retrograde Mercury in Virgo: sandwiched by game-changing Eclipses

Reality bites: surely, no one can miss this.

Electrifying Aquarius, partial lunar; then Leo roaring, total solar

Re-setting satellites; resonating sonar.


Repelled by repugnant, reprehensible acts

distorted truths; w.t.f. alternative facts! And

Repealing basics, universal affordable care?

Re-read Virgo lips, Senators? Please, don’t you dare.


Rethinking the unthinkable, reigning the impeachable;

Relearning history, alas, repeating the inevitable?

Reclassifying information: strictly on “the need to know”

Reaping what we sowed, reaping what we’ve sown.


Re-investigating elections, and the FBI repercussions

Re-transcending hate with love, KGB Russians

Re-striving for perfection, the sixth Herculean task;

Really Virgo: is there nothing too much to ask?


Redoubling efforts, re-employing elbow grease;

Re-scrutinising the minutiae hidden in the lease.

Re-opening windows, re-hinging doors;

Re-scouring kitchens, re-scrubbing floors.


Redeeming coupons, thrift-store vouchers;

Re-setting passwords, refreshing browsers.

Re-stacking shelving, re-polishing brass;

Replanting seeds,  re-feeding grass.


Redeeming broken-hearts, Pisces pieces.

Rescuing humanoid-androids in distress;

Restoring faith and hope, rectifying the mess.


Then, at last:


Re-emerged from the trickster’s backspin

Replenished, respectful, reverential

Retrieved treasures buried deep within?

Re-organised disorder into harmony;


Restored a new order, into our disorderly courts;

Restarted afresh: missions chaotic? Then simply abort!

Rejoice: O’ Virgo Regina guiding us thru’

Retrograde Mercury in Virgo.

(c) Myke Kofi 2017

Inspired by Astrostyle.com and various Virgo muses.