Hello readers, it’s been far too long since I posted a new piece.

Alas, my landlord passed away from cancer recently in September.

I was kindly invited by Carol, Mark’s widow to say a few words at his funeral.

The October sun shone brightly on a beautiful Wednesday afternoon. Fittingly for Mark, the chapel was packed-out, so it was standing room only.


Mark: a second father to me.

Welcomed me to the extended family   [September 2010]

I arrived there from London. Floating like butterfly; stinging like bee!

But Mark being Mark, looked me up and down. Mark, a second father to me.


“If you wanna full breakfast, sir – just be here by nine”

The next morning, I showed-up half-past nine!

“Work hard! Be a good lad”, Mark had said

Alas! Today, we have many, many  tears to shed.


Mark: a man of few words. But I know he smiled.

Especially when I paid the rent – sometimes, just on time!

“Lovely, jubbly” Mark said – rubbing his massive chef’s together with glee!!

“But you’re too late for breakfast, mate – now that it’s half-past three!!!”


Free from pain. Mark is free to float like butterfly; sting like bee!

Rest in peace Mark; you’ll always be a second father to me.


(c) Myke Kofi 2016.