Retrograde Mercury Taurus

(read slowly; slower still)


Oh Mercurial jester!

Renegade master: back once again?


Rebrand, seize the day! Cherish the good when negatives hold sway.

Recalibrate the unbalanced equilibrium;

Re-embrace boredom, Taurean tedium. [Keep it simple, sugarplum!]


Re-prioritise relationships, re-evaluate frenemies, reallocate tasks!

Redeemable renewables; kickback rebates –  just in case the Revenue asks?


Reduce, reuse and recycle. Stop mercurial waste poisoning ammonia-cle.

Reflect and reform. Gently let down obsolete dreams outworn.

Reflex the Duran tunes; relieve muscle tension by mooning at the moon!

Reflux acidic indigestion. To be or not be? Hamlet’s retrospective life question.


Remember Grandma’s soul food recipes?

Rescue the remedy; a smile served with hot tea.


Rehash the deets of sacred contracts; signed with undue haste matter-of-fact!

Reinstate order in your disharmony.

Repeat. Reiterate. “Reet petite”

Re-jig your juggle; relent from the struggle.

Reshuffle your Tarot cards – resourcefully.


Release, relinquish. Alkalinise juices; eat greener dishes.

Reacquaint and relate with your mate. Regulate illusions that’s there plenty of fishes [remnants in our polluted oceans and fragile coral reefs].

Reassess the situation; don’t remonstrate, forget about retaliation!


Remove bullish obstacles blocking your progress;

Repair the hemline of that (ahem) f*** me wedding dress.

Revel in your big reveal on Bondi beach;

Redeem voucher codes for items priced outta reach!

Revisit vintage treasure troves; bargain-huntin’ luxe detective;

Ready-to-wear emerald green eco-chic woven by Earth’s collective.

Re-platform outworn platform shoes; “Carwash” the ‘fro

Reprise Manhattan Transfer tunes; dance real slow – slower still.


Resume DIY projects stalled since the Fall;

Renovate the bathroom, kitchen and the hall.

Reframe the Andy Warhol’s holding up the wall.

Reconvene at Rembrandt’s retrospective – Dutch master of them all.


Really beware waving red flag to a bull. For example:

Beware Sansa Stark scripted for revenge;

Reconsider her coded offer staking-out Stonehenge.


Restructure stinkin’ thinking; rethink your media

rewrite and delete expletives in your Wikipedia.


Alas, an unexpected Requiem for the Prince, eternally purpled Reign;

Rejoice in your heavenly legacy; down-to-Earth psychedelic refrains…

Recharge low battery devices, overstimulated by Aries

Replay the power ballads like, uh, Mariah Carey’s

Reclaim your vocal power; reclaim serenity.

Rebirth a deep belly breath, step back from life’s frenzy!


Refill your body, dessert (ahem) horn of plenty.

Rekorderling (r) cider in Reykjavik anyone?


Hello! Adele*/Lionel Ritchie* remix [ *delete one as required]

Hello! Blind-folded hot toddy

Replenish cocoa butter on our weary body. Slowly, slower still!

Revere the god/goddess in you. Taurean magic number is two.



Re-purpose your vision; thank you cancer cells for

remission. Because we all need a Love




Revlon (r) anyone “Choose Love”

Revamp, revalidate, revitalize

’cause when Mercury retro’s finally done



Copyright (c) 2016 Myke Kofi @MykoYeboh Facebook: Mk Ya

for @astrotwins