The Valentine, Aquarian…


“To know you is to love you”

Electrifying the animal within.


Carefully curated as bespoke

Quirky and off-beat like the hand-crafted journals in a

Vintage print-magazine store



As rare as the metals

(gallium, indium, niobium,

rhenium, tantalum and titanium)*

As precious as unscratched vinyl where “groove is in the heart”

Electrifying the animal within.


The Valentine, Aquarian: Moon-faced,

asymmetric bob of copper-red hair-dye;

highlighting the windows of your soul.


Alert as two heart-warming beacons

checking out the psychedelic patterns

hand-stitched and agasht at the feint lipstick collared

on my carefully ironed doubled-cuff’d shirt.


The potential foretaste  of your mouth deliciously edible

like welcoming piping-hot veg soup on a stone-cold February Sunday.


Your fake-fur lined wintry coat, at sixes and sevens,

yet beguilingly unbuttoned,

momentarily revealing flashes of flesh amidst peek-a-boo knitwear

provoking multiple second glances – when you’re not looking

[it’d be rude not to stare].


So huggable and goddam f***able

if only you’d grant

equal aliquots (portions) of pleasure and vulnerability

to ooze right through your deeep inner sanctum

Electrifying the your animal within.


Fiercely individual and loyal,

an untamed artisan of undiscovered woman-ity

perhaps like a long-forgotten Pre-Raphaelite’s

exquisite attention to detail; bursting at the seams with

breadth and depth, height and length,

solely intent on the pursuit of the Truth and authenticity; brutal honesty and integrity

because  “a spade is a spade”.


Like the reverberation electrifying the animal within us

as profound as Einstein’s “gravitational waves”

The Valentine, Aquarian.


(c) Myke kofi 2016 for Valentine’s day 2016.

Reference source:*rare metals quoted from “The Power of the Elements” by David Abraham. Reviewed by Rupert Edis in The Times, Saturday Review, February 6, 2016.