To celebrate Fathers’ Day, June 21st, 2015

*Inspired by the Astro Twins, @astrotwins* Written by Myke Kofi 2015 (c)

(1) Our father, great-grandfathers; paternal, maternal.

Bloodlines intertwined, ancestral bonds forever eternal.

Forefathers: legendary, mythical and heroic. A handful were despicable, most were stoic.

Baby-fathers, deputy-fathers, foster-fathers, step-fathers; saturnine fathers representing old time;

Nomadic hunter-gatherers, sacrificial providers – spirits at rest; at one with their divine.

Fathers’ Day honouring Dada, Abba. Papa,pops. Hear this regular dads, you are the tops!

Veteran dads, mature dads, semi-retirees; fathers-for-justice, dads gone awol.

New dads, doting,devoted dads, playful dads; sporty dads, gym dads with the man-bags.

Breadwinner dads, working-from-home dads; school-run dads; union dads;

All work-and-no play dads? Poker-faced dads; distant dads, often aloof;

Earthy, touchy-feely dads, and why can’t I cry in public dad? me no wolf!

Dads working far, far from home; dads abandoned their kids too young, leaving them home alone!

Unemployed dads battling the Great Depression; estranged dads seeking mercy, reconciliation.

Wannabe dads; surrogate dads; sperm-donating dads at the national fertility clinic;

Are you sure about having a vasectomy dad? You know me, I’m not that cynic!

A day for BBQ dads to take firm control. “Wakey, wakey” dad – your turn for the early dawn patrol.

Dads locked-up imprisoned, facing obscurity on Death Row; dads with slim chances of getting parole.

Foodie dads? You can tell by their waistline. Gourmet dads, wining and dining, tasting the divine.

Craft-beery dads, real ale dads; green-fingered dads in the garden-shed, DIY-dads mending the broken bed.

Gadget dads, geek-chic dads; digital dads, virtual dads; competitive dads focused on securing the highest score.

Cheeky dads, embarrassingus in public; celeb dads, play-boy dads; sugar-babies begotten of sugar-daddies.

Poppa don’t preach dads, fussy dads; over-talkative dads; are you listening to me dad?

Opinionated dads, always got something to say; crabby dads, time of the month – especially if its June or May!

International man-of-mystery dads; and Yep, you’ve still-got-it dads!

You can tell from the curious looks from the ladies; the seven sisters from the Pleiades!

Waxing lyrical, satirical dads.

Are we nearly there yet dad? And, can I borrow your car-keys dad?

(2) Wanted: a role model, an alpha-male; not some inhuman gun-man from beyond the pale!

WTF! Shooting innocents in the church? Schools? Shopping-malls? Movie-theaters…

Somebody summon David Gandy! Serious eye-candy. Say it loud and proud: I am dandy!

The boys are back in town; we’ve materialized from the “XY” factory.

A new player in town, seriously jam-hot competition;

Cornishman Poldark “phwoar” on a heart-thumping manumission.

Alas, “XY” chromosome, endangered species; hence the reason for poetic treatise.

Notes to my nephews: Carpe diem! Nothing worse than being Yesterday’s man.

Just ask Eros, Versace’s love-struck man. Gerard Butler’s Boss trending as #manoftoday.

(3) Confessions of an ad-man. Don Draper’s mad men, serially womanizing, yet again!

All things considered, surely beared-men, time’s up for peak-beard? [scratchy, unhygienic]

How about being clean-shaven as normality, not weird?

Ben Sherman, anyone? #buttoned-up shirt-maker wearing man-boots.

The Manchurian candidate and the man from UNCLE are in cahoots;

Because the times are a-ch-ch-changing at the karaoke bar where

All the young dudes looking like a lady singing: “Man, I feel like a woman”

So won’t y’all “Stand by me”? and “Stand by your man!”

Let’s hear it for the boys: Comme des Garcons and Emporio Armani.

Cosmanpolitan’s freterosexual “manxiety”

“manxious” about his body-clock tick-tocking, tick…

Awaiting the call of duty from the godfather’s henchman:

The Mafioisi or the Sopranos or…Bugsy Malone! Goodfellas? Hmm.

Paul Weller, the modfather – the changing man, lit up like a fuse.

Wise guys realize that man, is nothing without woman; is nothing without man.

Wailing on the radio Rasta-man Marley: “No woman, no cry”

Man-Friday, after saturday night live, super-freak wants to “play” like Christian Grey/Gray!

Oh to have been George Clooney’s best-man? Omega man.

[Its official ladies, it is now too late to be his best-mate].

So no regrets. Better yet, is Gillette the best (shave) a man can get?

Clean-shaving Roger “Fedora”, immaculate torso, embodies “man” fragrantly-scented;

supremely competitive, disarmingly charming, essential credentialled to be a Givenchy gent.

Power-shower bodilicious spritz; six million-dollar Paco Rabanne man.

Cary Grant, suave, sophisticated quintessential Dunhill-man.

Which man will marshall the man-hunt for the “man in the mirror” the much-missed Jackson man?

Imagine moon-walking with the man on the Apollo’d moon; with the right stuff to make you swoon.

Yo! Hombres, we’re homo sapiens, don’t call us homo; male chauvinism begone;

Oz Boateng; Valentino’s Uomo, Dior Homme introducing Louis Vuitton.

Mr Mister, Monsigneur monsieur. Instagramming Mr GQ, Esquire.

Pinteresting Mr Porter’s capsule wardrobe, haute-couture attire.

Rosemary Goodenough’s man? Get-set for box-sets of colourful socks and wacky ties;

silken scarves and pocket-squares for the man with everything that “manna” can’t buy.

Man up! Jack-the-lad from lads-mags to debonair Ladies’ man.

Arise Kit Harington, Jimmy Choo’s man.

U-haul truck disrupted by uber Aussie man and van;

Listen to the fanfare for the common man and Arise, Sir Van the Man!

People of the world! Welcome the new transgendered Leading men:

Caitlyn Jenner, RuPual and many others, no longer closeted as monuments men.

So global citizens, let’s talk man-to-man! Redefining the new hybrid masculinity;

gender-bendering our roles; challenging everyone’s beliefs about modern femininity.

Let’s end the great enmity, the gender divide; for our children’s children, how will we provide?

So where art thou now O Superman? Still riding the bat-mobile with world-wide webbed Spidey-man?

You think you know that I am Spartacus! “Et tu, Brutus?” questioned the Shakesperian

Adios Barbie! Farewell Marlboro man! Consigned to the lung cancer unit manned by the grim Reaper man.

Percy Nobleman, noble by name, noble by nature? Babette Wasserman, clothier with stature.

Alas, Oscar Wilde chastized like a child; queer mannequin; jailed for bromance, condemned queer as sin.

Quentin Crisp, spoke with a lisp. Who was Sherlock Holmes, man behind the myth?

Falsetto Sting, Englishman in New York. RIP Robin Williams/Mrs Doubtfire;

dead poet but comic genuis, mindy and mork (nanu, nanu).

Like Bowie’s starman; the Man who fell to Earth.

Who the hell invented the mankini? Ugh!! No way as sexy-sleek as a two-piece bikini.

Man Ray, fab photo-man; watching me watching you, hawk-eyed cameraman.

Beatlemania got the man on the run. James Bond, you the man with the golden gun!

Put your man shoes in the man-shed; but would you please leave your hat on before bed?

No excuses, Magic Myke XXX. Dream-boys included but not if you resemble Attila the hun!

Ever climbed a man-mountain to become a top-man?

Or scaled Mount Kilimanjaro via Dar Es Salam.

Mr “Schwarznegger” Universe pumped iron; robotic-android movie-man;

Do ya swoon for Mr Darcy, dashing yes, but unfathomable broody man.

Look behind-the-scenes, Orson Welles co-directing the Third Man.

Last-man standing Captain Smith at the helm of the tragic Titanic;

Inexplicably immobilized despite sinking chaotic panic.

(4) Let’s hear for the boys; the boys are back in town!

Duran: wild boys, wild boyz!

Neneh Cherry: man-child, Iggy Pop, Idlewild.

Kate Bush: man with the child in his eyes; he’s here again…

Bjork, triple Scorpio (!!!) reimagined beautific Venus as a boy; boys as Venus.

Boy George, George Michael; Michael Jackson (RIP);

Prince; Prince George; boy-girl (U2).

Say it loud and be proud of the Ballet boyz transforming from B-boyz-to-men.

(c) Myke Kofi 2015.