*Inspired by the Astro Twins*June 2015*

Knock, knock. Boom! I am one of seven elephants in your room.

Knock, knock. Ka-boom! My sound’s a darker octave of the moon.

I am the lead weight on both your shoulders;

Feel my responsibilities? Like rocky boulders.

I am the ashen dust to which you shall return; I am the furnace testing your max temperature-burn!

From ashes to ashes, dust to dust; shattering your illusions so that none you’ll easily trust.

Burnishing you with fierce intensity and heat; ironing out knotty-kinks from your head to your feet.

Seven yearly audits your life to scrutinize; dredging-up buried secrets and long-forgotten lies.

This is it! It is now or never! Sink or swim; publish or perish. My transit is not one to be relished.

Just do it! My way or the highway. Do or die with a hue and cry…

As you’ll be weeping, wailing, screaming, shrieking, mourning;

Say hello, wave goodbye…before the break of dawning.

Huh! You want Roman orgies? Spicy Saturnalia!

Dressing-up in your finery (ahem) S&M regalia!

But I’ll be right there wearing the most sombre toga;

And hell no, I won’t be joining you for anything like laughter yoga!

I’m not like Jupiter’s excessive jollility; like I said before, I don’t do frivolity!

I’m not like Neptune’s nebulous boundaries; I am more at home rock-solid foundry.

Delving and plunging into your deepest deep; play no games with me – not even hide and seek.

Uh! I hate child abuse! People-trafficking! Slavery and prostitution!

I’ll be seeking redress and the fullest restorative retribution!!

Answer the call of duty and the sense of obligation.

Sober-up! Succumb no more to seductive temptations.

Truth be known, I’m really your best friend; you’ll be thankful by the bitter-sweet end.

When I’m finally done, you’ll never be the same; be in no doubt, there’s no-one else to blame.

Most of all, facing-up to your past lives, bad karma; please comply with me without too much drama!

(c) Myke Kofi 2015, Astrostyle’s poet laureate.

@Myko Yeboh @astrotwins