This is a poem about “Re” words inspired by the Astro Twins @astrotwins

Myke gladly welcomes your comments with thanks @Myko Yeboh

“With Mercury retrograde (backwards) in Gemini

for about 25 days, it is time, come hither, to reconsider

To revisit the cosmic, magical planetary planner because

something “above, so below” has dealt our communications a curved-ball spanner!

Stuck in “lather, rinse, repeat” mode? Then “pause for the cause” to:

Reflect and rethink. Revamp the resume for more rewarding pay-days.

Reduce, reuse and recycle. Recompense Mother Earth for our unsustainable ways.

Refurbish the furniture store. Reopen with a grand gala, maybe more.

Remove the garbage; upcycle or reupholster.

Rehang the pop-art wall with Andy Warhol’s poster.

Recalibrate the green juice concentrate from remnants of the distillate.

Regroup the band that disbanded the groupies. Won’t you play it again Sam like in Casablanca the movie?

Reconvene the committee adjudicating Rembrandt’s retrospective;

Redefine entrenched points of view, the jaded perspective.

Review the blogs and online revues; rejig and rejuggle, refresh and renew.

Reiterate, rejuvenate. Reignite your “flame” to hunt for new (ahem) “game”

Reprieve the negative relative(s); but accentuate the positive(s).

Retrieve the manuscript once lost and now found. Reimagine it into something more profound.

Relent and repent. Recast a wider net.

Rebrand, reposition; reformulate the composition. Rebudget for the overdue  freelance commission!

Recount the “pethidine” ampoules on the midwives’ requisition.

Reinforce to the judge to drop the dealer’s deposition.

Rewrite the trilogy script for the books as yet unwritten.

Reevaluate the taboo and taste the apple once forbidden.

Revel with a Rebelle yell for your BIG reveal [Ta dah!]

Relinquish the masquerade, reinvent yourself as woman or man of steel!

Rejoice! when Mercury retrograde is finally done. Release and relax. Rest and recover.

But uh-oh!! Quick-silvered, irrepressible trickster; April fool and jester; Bedouin-harlequin!

Showered in jasmined tuberose, irresistibly fragrant, and yet dressed like sin.

At the Sagittarian Full Moon of Truth: “Say what you mean and mean what you say!”

And say waaaaaaaaht? Refresh my luxe lingerie drawer? Rawr!

La Perla? Check. Intimissi? Check. Reject anything remotely threadbare.

Beware double-agents double-speaking,

Miscommunicating like the ‘wikis’ leaking.

Double-entendres, double-meanings,

Two-faced, soccer-peeps dodgy dealings!!

Doubling-up on itself, bending backwards, scrambling all signals

Haywire like the acrobat free-falling off the high-wire.

Mercury’s retrograde simple choice: surrender OR relinquish control!

And hey fellas, Stop! Communicate and listen.

Really lose the remote-controlled Lazee boy!

Instead, find a better way to relate with your mate with some integrity

sadly amiss on reality TV [Kardashians, anyone?]

Forget the snark-remarks, below-the-belt profanities.

Be response-able for how you really feel. Release the resentments to totally deal and heal.

Is it time to rebarter for a different life charter? After all, it is 800 years

since the Magna Carta [jam-master-jay-zee, anyone?]

Was signed and sealed with precious blood-on-vellum.

Before the Renaissance and the Pre-Raphaelites flourished.

In need of permission to revitalize your life’s mission?

Reconsult the Astro Twins to remember your grand vision.

To recheck the right-track.

Or do you  wanna retract the journal abstract; peer reviewed and printed; read aloud as a matter-of-fact?

To reappraise our attitudes and values. Refusing to heap abuse on Caitlyn Jenner, previously known as Bruce.

Sometimes reminiscing about the “one” who escaped the lair;

Courageously facing disappointment by reciting the “Serenity Prayer”

Overcoming internal resistance; not reverting to the strong, silent archetype;

Do you believe the man whose boom-box reverberated “Don’t believe the hype!” ?

Reconciling with perpetrators who’ve caused us to become wounded healers;

Inhaling rosemary and thyme, ahhh, Mother Nature’s medicinal dealers.

Renewing our vows: for better AND for worse, the whatever’s and the how’s?

Reconnecting to our personal TRUTH.

Rejecting the fibs and lies disorienting at our youth;

And the false promises regurgitated by the politicos.

But will America really set a new precedent? Reconsidering “Hillary” as the next President?

Not rocket science, but it is kind of prescient. Written in the stars? Or is she heaven-scent?

Remember that unforgettable night in November 2008? “Yes.we.can. Yes.we.will!”

But Mr Obama, meaning you no drama; but when you gonna redress police brutality?

Rediscuss gun law reform before the next Sandy Hook mortality?

Rediscuss gun law reform before the next fanatic movie atrocity!

Before the next retrograde on the Libran scales of Justice; heavily weighted on the statuette called Liberty.

Reform and real change the world can believe in. Not the “same old, same old” tedium;

Recalibrate the unequal equilibrium; we’ll wine and dine you steak, rare or medium.

We’ ve redeployed our hearts, body and mind, right from the start;

Recited positive affirmations at the Aquarian New Moon, hour after hour;

Visualised tele-ritualisations, reclaiming our “Kundalini” serpent power. Rawr!

Re: RiRi’s ra-ra razzmatazz! She’s all that but her jazz

doesn’t recompense with the immense Astro Twin commune

rerouting us to the moon and back…

[But wait…Solar Impulse II? Flight delayed. Mercury-retrograde-Gemini]

(c) Myke Kofi 2015

About Myke: Myke is a lyrical poet, yoga and karaoke enthusiatic based in the “Heart” of England,UK.

He is fascinated by the poetic potential offered us by the astrological realm. The Astro Twins and support team are brilliant interpreters of the cosmic realm. Myke loves how the Astros bring the heavens down-to-earth with their brutal honesty, unique brand of humor and impressive lyrical vocab.