I was intrigued by the idea of “Awake” which combines poetry and music to

explores the nebulous state of awareness & consciousness during anaesthesia.

This performance was part of http://www.birmingham.ac.uk/artsandsciencefestival

and sponsored by http://www.wellcometrust.org

It was joyful feeling and mesmerizing to listen to the expressive range of the mezzo-soprano, Hilary Summers (www.hilarysummers.com;

and to observe the obsessive concentration of the pianist Andrew West a the impressive

but sadly three-quarters empty Elgar concert hall, Bramall music building.

Andrew was especially gallant because he came on stage supported with two sets of crutches!!

Also contributing to the evening were medical insights from a consultant anaesthetist and surgeon and

artistic insights from the poet Ruth Padel; composer Michael Zev Gordon and electronics from Julien Guillamat.