“Welcome to the Chinese year of the wood-green horse;
One turbulent year of conscious un-couplings or bitter-sweet Divorce?

So dusting ourselves down, remember this mantra:
Getty-up! Get on up! Trot, gallop, canter!

Live and let die! Forgive and forget!
Roll the cosmic dice, place your bets.

On carousel-horses, clothes-horses, crazy-horses,
Gifted-horses, hobby-horses, hungry-horses,

Pantomime-horses, plant-shaped horses(!), pommel-horses,

Rocking-horses, sea-horses, trojan-horses,

War-horses, work-horses, wind-horses

and the silvery-tailed magical Unicorns.

Inspired by the Astro twins Tali & Ophi Edut & Mustang Melissa in Seattle, USA and Chiva Africa.
Dedicated to the late, legendary poet Dr Maya Angelou, RIP (28th May, 2014)

Myke Kofi (c) 2014