English: Grey Heron A Heron in 1362986 Nature ...

English: Grey Heron A Heron in 1362986 Nature Reserve (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Early saturday morning, walking-jogging before breakfast,

in the recently restored nature reserve,

a silver-grey bird, glides into the plants-brook.

Yello’d beaked, long-legged, neck craned,

eyes wide-open foraging for fish,

looking-out for  predators

stops me suddenly in my tracks!


Then after a precious pause in time,

hilariously, we both inch-fowards, step-by-step

as if in tandem on a watery sticky-wicket.

With raucous cry and majestic wingspan,

the solitary heron swoops onwards and upwards,

simultaneously lifting my spirits

that slate-grey April morning;

deliciously whetting my appetite for a King’s breakfast.